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Q. How much does MinuteBids cost?
A. MinuteBids is free for property managers and service providers pay a small fee when their bid is approved.  See pricing.

Q. How does MinuteBids save me time and money?
A. See how it works for property managers and service providers.

Q. Which cities and states does MinuteBids service?
A. MinuteBids is available nationally. Register today so you are can take full advantage of MinuteBids’ products and services in your area.

Q: Will MinuteBids be expanding into other types of services?
A: Yes, MinuteBids is planning to expand into all types of property maintenance services. Send us a message telling us what services you would like us to expand in to and we will let you know when it is available.

Q. Why does MinuteBids have Ratings & Reviews?
A. Ratings and reviews are the cornerstone of our system. Property managers rate and review service providers they’ve used. We then use these ratings to match new bid requests with the right service providers. This helps ensures property managers get a competitive price and have good experiences with the service professionals they choose. More details for service providers.

Q. How do you match service providers to projects?
A. MinuteBids finds service providers that service the areas where the properties are located and provides the services being requested. MinuteBids then uses customer ratings and reviews along with service provider preferences to connect the right people with the right project. More details on matching.

Q. How do service providers receive payment for their services?
A. After a property manager awards their project, the contract and payment for services requested by the property manager is strictly between the service provider and the property manager.

Q. What if I have a complaint about a service provider or property manager?
A. Feedback is critically important to our network and we take complaints seriously. Upon receiving a complaint, we evaluate both sides of the story to determine if it was more than a misunderstanding between the two parties. If we determine there was wrongdoing by either party, we reserve the right to remove or block that party from our site.

Q. You haven’t answered my question, now what?
A. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.

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