Why MinuteBids?

You only pay when you win a project and it could be FREE

MinuteBids is a pay-for-performance service, you only pay a small fee when you’re awarded business. Remember, there are no hidden costs, no more paying for leads or subscriptions, it’s free to register and to create your account, and you never pay to bid on a project.

Great way to grow your business

New business opportunities find you, automatically and risk free. Projects are matched to service providers that can get the job done right.

 Access to our customers.

JLL, Colliers, Carver County, Halverson and Blaiser, Goodman Group, Road Runner, Holiday Gas Stations, Mid-America, Great Lakes, Oak Grove Realty, Bullseye property management, SEH, Thies & Talle, Request a full list @ info@minutebids.com.

Saves money

Businesses can spend as much as 20% of their revenue on advertising, buying leads and subscribing to directories. MinuteBids takes the sting out of these expenses by bringing you real opportunities to bid on jobs rather than chase leads, and it’s all RISK free.

Opportunities to bid on neighborhood projects

GroupBids allows you to bid on proximity projects, so you won’t have to drive across town for the next job.

It’s simple

From learning about projects to being awarded the job, MinuteBids simplifies the entire bidding process so you can concentrate on getting the work done.  

How does it work?

Once you register with MinuteBids, it’s easy to create your personalized account page to become eligible for new bid requests for great projects from property managers, cities and counties in your service area.

Create your personalized account

  • It only takes a few minutes, there’s no obligation and it’s risk free
  • Specify the services you provide and the areas you serve so you can be matched to relevant projects
  • Upload your logo and your marketing materials so property managers can learn more about you
  • Add professional references and awards. It’s your chance to stand out

Receive bid requests

  • Receive bid requests by email, text and/or voice message, you decide
  • Review bid requests in detail and accept or decline the project
  • All projects are real, matched to the services you provide in the areas you serve
  • Submit your bid with an easy-to-use form
  • Upload important supporting materials
Bidding and Winning the Bid
  • It’s always free to bid on projects, you only pay a fee if you are awarded the project.
  • When you bid a 3% fee will automatically be added to your bid, which you can review prior to submitting your bid. If the customer submitting the project has subscribed to the Corporate Edition, you pay nothing. (See Pricing)
  • Refer your current customers, they’ll love the convenience and we’ll credit your account for helping us grow.
  • You’ll be notified when the bid is awarded. If you win the bid, you will be asked to contact the customer and your account will be billed 30 days later.  You can set up a payment plan for long term contracts.
  •  “3 Sales tips”
    • 1) Your relationship with the PM is (70%) of winning a project. Communicate using our tools at no cost.
    • 2) Reviews are very important (15%), more important than low numbers. Ask your customers for reviews
    • 3) Response Time (15%), projects are often awarded to the first bidder if the number is within budget.

Thousands have joined MinuteBids.

Join the fastest growing property management community today and find out why both property managers and service providers are finding success with MinuteBids.